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Operations Management

MAGNUS Operations Management offers our clients the full range of consulting services. These services include:

  1. Development of Operations Strategy concepts,
  2. Product and Service Management,
  3. Service Delivery & Support,
  4. Integration Management
  5. IT Management.

Additionally by combining our functional Operations Management competencies with specific industry knowledge we are able to serve our clients with customized approaches responding best to their specific requirements and needs. A great deal of our focus is on efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Therefore, MAGNUS Operations Management consulting often includes substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes.

Program Management

Magnus has a proven record of successful support for CIOs and PM staff through: task area performance monitoring; program analysis and management; implementation of process improvement initiatives; and making information management efficient, uniform, accessible, and secure.

We perform the types of work called for in Performance Work Statements throughout our IT portfolios and provide service management to our clients as they request it – benchmarking our projects from inception to closeout through detailed Project/Task Order Management Plans (PMPs). Project management and technical support for IT application and business systems, software development (including Agile), documentation, and reviews, assessments, and system architecture analysis and make recommendations on enterprise architectures are core specialties. Portfolio Management and IT Governance and objective IT alignment (budgets, objectives, mission, etc.) are conducted in our PMO.

We support our clients in the Investment Review Board and IT Executive Council decision-making process and provide cost and financial analysis to their portfolios, including benefits realization techniques. We provide IT Milestone Reviews and IT Portfolio Management training as well as OMB Budget Submission support, including budget data, earned value and monthly submission data, pass-back, and ad-hoc data requests. All of these services are provided in the federal IT environment.

Our approach to comprehensive and effective project management is described below:

  1. A strong Program Management based on PMBOK best practices that provides an effective way to develop and coordinate requirements, manage the project risks, and manage the resources that ultimately makes the project successful.
  2. A Risk Management Plan (RMP) to identify risks throughout task execution, monitor activities for potential risks, mitigate risks, and develop contingency plans should those risks come to fruition.
  3. A highly skilled, stable, security-conscious, and multi-functional workforce with a strong team ethics to partner with our clients and work towards a shared goal.
  4. A Change Management process that helps the organizations, both Federal and Contractor staff, to embrace change in a positive manner.
  5. Customer Surveys as a tool to provide a method to assess stakeholders views on the parameters of service delivery, including quality, timeliness, and efficiency. The survey’s results are used in the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) which is one of the ITIL processes.
  6. Training program to improve the education and the professionalism of the workforce.
  7. Clear dispute resolution processes and procedures regarding the recording, reporting, scoring, and reviewing of performance.

CISO Support Services

Over the last 15 years, Magnus has provided CISO Support Services to Department of Justice components including Office of Justice Programs, Office of CIO, Office of CISO, USMS CISO and Bureau of Prisons leadership. Magnus team members have served as a principal cyber security advisors / liaison between DOJ HQ OCIO – Cyber Security Branch and DOJ Components / CISO staff and external auditors on all matters relating to the Annual Financial Statement and FISMA Audits of DOJ Components. Additionally, our teams serve as an internal auditor serving as an independent body performing overall assessment of IT controls for the DOJ systems, and recommend and validate corrective actions for deficiencies.

Some of the deliverables for our executive support to the CISOs include:

  • Prepare, record, and track action items for the Authorizing Official (AO) briefings.
  • Provide support needed for penetration testing.
  • Prepare and disseminate risk slides including updates on behalf of CISO office
  • Provide security program management policies, processes, procedures and standards.
  • Develop and apply security procedures and checklists.
  • Ensure compliance with downward directed enterprise security procedures, checklists, and requirements
  • Support the maintenance of the continuity of operations and disaster recovery plan and procedures.
  • Participate and assist, in the annual execution of a continuity of operations and disaster recovery exercise.
  • Provide Operations Backup Sites support.
  • Ensure backup policies, plans and procedures are in alignment with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
  • Produce and deliver training documentation on new security products and/or applications to Government and Contractor employees.
  • Develop, maintain and update Security Education, Training, and Awareness plan.

In addition, Magnus Cyber Security Team provides support services for developing a proactive methodology to assess and strengthen internal IT controls and rapidly and effectively respond to, and resolve findings identified during the FISCAM and FISMA audits of systems and subsystems.

OCIO Support Services

Magnus has been a critical part of the Office of Chief Information Office at the Department of Justice since 2012 serving in various capacities including Business Process Reengineering, Technical Writing, Front Office / Budget Operations Services.

Some of the current activity our team manages include:

    Budget Operations

  • Support development of annual OCIO budget and spending plans.
  • Maintain and report on OCIO and reimbursable spending plans.
  • Support management and reporting of OCIO’s and Reimbursable budgets.
  • Coordinate OCIO deliverables to Budget and Finance Staff.
  • Work with program managers across OCIO to review, manage, and track expenditures and spend plans.
  • Support ad hoc reporting and analysis for executive leadership team

    Front Office Liaison

  • Develop and deliver executive communications.
  • Coordinate, review, and proofread executive presentations to OCIO and external leadership.
  • Support department wide training and other strategic meetings