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MAGNUS Management Group, LLC is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) committed to providing business solutions with a comprehensive overarching vision. We emphasize quality, service and intellect while employing cutting edge technologies to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Our strong business values and tested best practices coupled with a creative technological edge ensure that MAGNUS is able to deliver expert consulting services in the areas of Information Technology, Cyber Security, Program Support, Data Science, Program Management and Operation Management.

There are thousands of small companies specializing in government IT services. MAGNUS is truly different. We are a small business with a well-earned reputation for delivering innovative business and technical solutions for our customers. Our approach to the, interoperability cyber security, system architecture, requirements analysis, PMO services, documentation, and strategic planning is founded on our core values of customer centrism, communication, collaborative teamwork, and quality. While we’re technically small, we have the leadership, subject matter expertise, and infrastructure to take on large, complex projects yet retain the agility and nimbleness that keeps costs low and responsiveness high.

MAGNUS Consultants are considered subject matter experts in the aforementioned functional areas and are actively involved with the design, development, procurement and implementation of Information Security solutions.

MAGNUS delivers a comprehensive portfolio of technology and high-end services developed to meet the demands of our clientele. The Components of our Business:

  1. Service: the MAGNUS team is committed to providing its clients with the utmost professionalism in service.
  2. Quality: the MAGNUS team recognizes that quality products is a critical to the success of our clients.Energy: the MAGNUS team is committed to providing a minimum of 100% at all times.
  3. Technology: the MAGNUS team is committed to providing high quality work and services utilizing the latest technology.
  4. Solutions: the MAGNUS team is committed to finding the best solutions for all work environments.

Magnus Management Group is proud member of these industry associations: