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MAGNUS assists companies in improving their product, offering, technology and marketing messages by enhancing their competitive position and helping improve the perception and evaluation of a company. Even while we’re helping you solve your business challenges today, we’re thinking about the future – and how we can take you there. Everyone talks about transformation, but transformation into what? In our practice of continually thinking ahead, we’ve developed essentials for our model of the 21st Century Virtual Corporation.

MAGNUS principals come with backgrounds and deep domain experience from various industries to provide value add services in:

  1. Program Support
  2. Positioning Analysis and Improvement
  3. Strategy Development
  4. Go to Market Strategy and Deployment
  5. Competitive Analysis
  6. Vendor Scan
  7. New Product Evaluation, Development & Enhancement
  8. Partnership Identification and Brokering
  9. Rapid Transformation
  10. Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis

Some of our Mission Support Services are:

  • Operations Management
    MAGNUS Operations Management offers our clients the full range of consulting services. These services include: Development of Operations Strategy concepts, Product and Service Management, Service Delivery & Support, Integration Management IT Management. Additionally by combining our functional Operations Management competencies… Read more: Operations Management
  • Program Management
    Magnus has a proven record of successful support for CIOs and PM staff through: task area performance monitoring; program analysis and management; implementation of process improvement initiatives; and making information management efficient, uniform, accessible, and secure. – We perform the… Read more: Program Management
  • CISO Support Services
    Over the last 15 years, Magnus has provided CISO Support Services to Department of Justice components including Office of Justice Programs, Office of CIO, Office of CISO, USMS CISO and Bureau of Prisons leadership. Magnus team members have served as… Read more: CISO Support Services
  • Cyber Security Training
    MAGNUS Corporation has had extensive experience creating classroom based, online, video based and scenario / role based cyber security training course and modules.  MAGNUS has developed Cyber Security based coursed for various formats using its pool of cyber security SME’s… Read more: Cyber Security Training
  • Enterprise Information Management and Content / Document Management Services
    MAGNUS’s ECM consulting services are designed so our clients can make the right decisions with regard to extracting business value from content. It is not about generating and managing content anymore. The value is in how your customers receive and… Read more: Enterprise Information Management and Content / Document Management Services
  • OCIO Support Services
    Magnus has been a critical part of the Office of Chief Information Office at the Department of Justice since 2012 serving in various capacities including Business Process Reengineering, Technical Writing, Front Office / Budget Operations Services. Some of the current… Read more: OCIO Support Services
  • Six Sigma Consulting Services
    We are a highly motivated and experienced team of Lean Six Sigma consulting professionals. All of our consultants and trainers have ‘lived’ through their own transformations prior to joining NXTKey. They understand first-hand the challenges you will encounter when transforming… Read more: Six Sigma Consulting Services