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Commercial Companies and Government customers face critical IT modernization issues, whether that means digitizing the customer experience or moving away from aging software / hardware or upgrading to newer technologies.


“IT Modernization” is the first step in adopting disruptive digital, data science, cyber, and cloud technologies that are driving change. IT modernization gives organizations the foundation they need to meet the dynamic needs of end-users and constituents.


Modernizing legacy systems can be very challenging, risky, costly, and resource intensive; however, with the right strategic approach, the risks can be mitigated, and costs rationalized.


IT modernization which translates to continuously retaining, extending, and modernizing legacy data and technology assets to increase value and achieve organizational objectives is the key component of enhancing productivity. In addition to saving money, modernizing systems also addresses the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and pave the way to implementing high-potential technologies like analytics, mobile, and artificial intelligence.


Magnus has worked on various IT Modernization projects across government and commercial sectors. Some of the modernization projects we have executed over the years include:


User Engagement Modernization – Taking a user-centric approach to enterprise IT infrastructure, IT service management (ITSM), eGovernance and IT road-mapping.

Application Modernization – We help our customers transform their working practices by implementation of efficient and effective digital services through cloud, automation, and mobile.

Cloud Migration – We help unleash the potential of the cloud that creates unique, innovative, and sustainable competitive advantages, no matter the market.

Data Center Modernization – We help customers right-size their data center and network footprints to reduce costs, improve cybersecurity, and simplify the management of cloud, network, and application infrastructure.

Digital Workplace – We help customers develop and implement the digital workplace that focuses on leveraging technologies, high-speed network, and rapid delivery capabilities to significantly improve IT delivery.

Mobility – Magnus helps customers develop a mobile-first architecture to manage the mobile devices and monitor the security / infrastructure to make mission-critical systems available on-demand.

As the agency engages in a multi-year plan to migrate the majority of its current IT applications from on-premise data centers to various cloud environments under aggressive timelines, the Magnus team continues to perform very well in the performance of the contract requirements and is very responsive to both technical and contractual direction.

U.S. Department of Justice CISO